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Tips & Tricks

First maintenance

It is recommended to give your brand-new Cambrillo floor a first maintenance from the start. Sweep the parquet and apply the maintenance product suggested by your Cambrillo-dealer. Keep the instructions on the packing in mind. Depending on the use of the floor you can treat it once or twice a year with maintenance oil. In bathrooms and kitchens we suggest even four treatments a year.

Daily maintenance

You can vacuum your floor or wipe it with a damp cloth or mop. Wipe lengthwise of the boards to avoid stripes on your beautiful Cambrillo floor. Also avoid excessive use of water. Moisture can make the wood swell, expand or show spots.

Only use the cleaning products that are tailored to your type of floor finish.

Floor heating

Your Cambrillo-floor can be installed on your floor heating without any problem, while maintaining our 10-year guarantee. You will have to consider a few things.

The operating temperature in the hot water circuit must not exceed 55 ° C. The underlying distance between the heater tubes is ideally 150 mm, with 300 mm as an upper limit. The heart to heart distance between the tubes is of course dependent on the selected operating temperature in the circuit, and the thickness of the concrete floor in which the tubes are placed. The piping may be placed both in isolation and in the screed.

Never lose sight that wood will shrink and swell, even though we have this through our unique production process to a minimum. Although your Cambrillo floor heating combined with little or no work, are very fine shrinkage cracks and seams little open draw while using your underfloor heating. This is not bothersome and can be prevented by providing a proper maintenance of your parquet (Faxe parquet Soap & Cleaning oil).
Before the parquet is placed on the screed, the heating must always have turned!
Your floor heating can take place only after 21 days curing time of the screed and 
must be done according to the regulations of the installer.

Your Cambrillo floor can only be installed when the screed has reached more than 2% moisture. During the installation the heating needs to be switched off or in the winter should be a maximum temperature of 15-18 ° C and can be started after installation with an increasing temperature up to 5 ° C per day.
As with other flooring release temperature should not exceed 28 ° C. A comfortable room temperature of +18 – 21 ° C is a constant relative humidity of 50 – 60% is required.

Tips to avoid damage

Attach felt strips underneath the chairs and table to prevent from scratches. Do not use rubber, for this may cause stripes.

Remove spilled liquids instantly. In time moist can penetrate the protecting layer of hardwax and cause stains in the wood.

Never place flower pots directly onto the floor, but always in a waterproof dish or container.

Avoid excessive use of water whilst cleaning the floor and the contact with caustics and chemical products.

By preference make use of Cambrillo maintenance products and not the products that leave a greasy film on the floor.

Copyright © 2016 Cambrillo. All rights reserved.