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The different layers

Our parquet guide


Because of its fine structure, elasticity and durability (class I) we choose to construct all our parquet floors out of this European type of hardwood. As a result of this each Cambrillo-floor has a high resistance of impression which excludes the formation of pits completely at normal use.


With a variety of over 20 different colours you can personalise your parquet floor at your own taste. Discover all our colours in the chapter “Our assortment”.


Different carefully applied layers of hard wax oil protect the parquet floor from wear and pollution.


Even more determinative for the appearance and the lifetime of your parquet than the protective layer is the top layer. By using a 4 to 6 mm thick top layer of massive European oak, you will have together with Cambrillo gives you a parquet floor of the highest durability !



The bottom layer is composed of high quality, waterproof birch plywood. This unique structure gives the parquet floor the ability to absorb tension and charges and limits the natural motion of the wood to an absolute minimum. This way your Cambrillo floor remains stable in all circumstances.


Our parquet floors can be perfectly combined with floor heating. Read more about our recommendations on the use of parquet combined with floor heating in the chapter “Tips&Tricks”.


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