Nature takes care of the man, the man of nature

Nature and man need to go hand in hand to ensure the future of our planet. Climate change, deforestation, pollution and others are a threat to the life on our planet. To let everyone aware in handling the nature and its products which it offers us, we’re going Cambrillo  to donate € 1.00 to Codasold, palliative caren, per m² sold Cambrillo parquet with an FSC label.  FSC guarantees that the wood used is manufactured from sustainable forestry and thus nature is respected. By buying Cambrillo parquet with an FSC label you are directly supporting the nature and man. We to donate a nice sum to Coda, palliative care in Wuustwezel. More information in connection with FSC can be found on and all information about Coda, palliative care can be found at www.